Percorso: – “Saudi women driving movement”, dopo l’arresto di alcune donne saudite che “osavano” guidare la propria auto

On. Isabella Rauti
July 1, 2011 at 11:33 am

Let the Saudi women drive: I support the campaign Women2driveI support the campaign Women2Drive, cause the right of driving that Saudi women are defending today, is the right to freedom and equality.
This is what declares councilor Isabella Rauti (PDL) member of the Presidency Bureau of the Lazio regional Council.
Saudi women that today are driving their own cars, infringing the 1991 Fatwa, are struggling to fully cooperate in work and social life: A right far more than symbolic because, being able to get the driver’s license and drive their own car, means the freedom to exercise their professional and familiar duties. The commitment of these women, not against but in favor of their own people, is a battle that must be supported and recognized, as well as we have to look with attention and interest in the leading role of women in Arab Spring.
Women – Rauti concludes – are proving to be protagonists of change, able to weave new social models with the cultural identity of their country.


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